Take Control of Your
Inbox with Tasks

Imagine you're responsible for a to-do list, but you have no control over it. Imagine other people can add tasks to it whenever they want, and they don't need your permission. Imagine all you can do is scramble to check things off the list as more and more items are added, every day, forever.

What you're imagining is no nightmare, but a very real thing. It's called your email inbox, and it's a never-ending to-do list that other people can add to!

Unfortunately, email wasn't designed to be used this way, so dealing with all of the requests and responsibilities in your inbox is cumbersome and unreliable. They're hard to find, easy to forget about, and it's impossible to see them all at a glance.

Taskforce puts an end to all of that, and gives you the power to take control of your inbox. With Taskforce, you can add tasks to your emails that are easy to keep track of, so you always know what's left to do, and you never forget a thing:

browsing tasks

Adding Tasks to Emails

Adding a task to an email is super simple once you've installed Taskforce. If you have the email open, just click the blue "Add Task" button:

task button in a conversation

You can also add tasks directly from your inbox! Just move your mouse to the gray "TF" button, then click the blue "Add Task" button:

adding a task to an email

When the box pops up, type in the details of your task and press enter to save. You can type whatever you want, but we recommend leaving a note to your future self explaining exactly what you need to do to finish this email.

For example, if your coworker Jay sends you an email asking to set up a time to meet, you might call your task, "Find a time to meet with Jay, then get back to him".

Task Management

Once your task has been saved, Taskforce will show a blue check icon on the email that represents the task. As we showed above, these icons make it easy to scroll through your inbox and look at all of your tasks:

browsing tasks

When you move your mouse over a task icon, it will reveal the task you created, as well as addtional options:

viewing a task

If you want to change the task's name, just click the name and start typing. You can also mark the task complete by clicking on the check mark. This will put a slash through the icon and cross out the name, so you can tell at a glance that you've already completed this task.

Finally, you can click the "Open in Taskforce" button to view the task inside the Taskforce interface, alongside other tasks you've created that aren't necessarily connected to emails. You should read Task Management 101 to learn more about this option.

Stay Tuned!

Just like with our reminder feature, adding tasks to emails is a crucial part of how Taskforce gives you email superpowers, so we're planning to continue making this feature better and better.

Stay tuned for updates, and don't hesitate to email us with any questions or suggestions!

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